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Awards & Patents

  • 2014 Vesta Award for Best Wood Product: the Vision stove
  • 2014 Vesta Finalist for Best Wood Product: the Duet 4 Seasons fireplace
  • 2013 Vesta Award for Best Wood Product: the Galaxy fireplace
  • 2010 Vesta Finalist for Best Charcoal, Wood Barbecues and Smokers: Healthy Cooking Barbecue
  • 2009 Vesta Award for Best Fireplace: the Opus fireplace



Adjustable Primary Air Supply for Wood Burning Device: US 7,325,541 B2
This innovative mechanism provides automatic means to gradually regulate the combustion air to the user’s preset setting.

Easy Light Mechanism for Solid Fuel Burning Appliances: Patent pending GB1305646.0
This mechanism is linked to the automatic air control to provide a controlled amount of additional primary air inside the fireplace through the grate of the ashtray to help start a fire quickly and without intervention.

Downdraft Secondary Air Control System for Solid Fuel Burning Appliances: Patent Pending GB1307428.1
This innovative mechanism automatically regulates the amount of secondary air with the temperatures of the fireplace to create a unique arrangement of natural and appealing flames that prolongs the combustion, increases the efficiency and reduces the emissions of the fireplace.

Adjustable Circulating Chamber for Fireplace Inserts: Patent Pending GB1305647.8
This invention allows the manual adjustment of the circulating chamber to the width and the height of the existing fireplace. This will maximize the air flow around the circulating chamber and increase the overall efficiency of the fireplace insert.