Zero-Clearance Wood Burning Fireplace


The award-winning Galaxy fireplace with modern surround opens up a new world of heating comfort and contemporary style in any home. With a single row of louvres, it's a discreet yet elegant chic addition to any interior decor scheme.

A product of patented technologies and masterful craftsmanship, the Galaxy is guaranteed to perform for a lifetime. With a maximum heat output of 100,000 BTUs per hour, it is the industry's most efficient fireplace and effortlessly warms large spaces of up to 2,500 square feet, aided by a powerful yet acoustically discreet blower system. The durable stainless-steel firebox, one of largest on the market, offers unparalleled views of the fire.

Incorporating several patented technologies developed by Supreme over more than 30 years, each is a masterpiece of unmatched engineering sophistication and meets the highest EPA emission requirements. Innovations include the easy-light function and automatic air control for smooth ignition and consistent, long-lasting burns. An additional bonus is the built-in grill, allowing meals bursting with smoky, barbecued flavour to be cooked indoors all year-round.

Explore a new frontier of sophisticated home heating with the Galaxy.


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